Extracted from Galega Variety

The best olive variety for olive oil production

Certified Olive Oil

Analyzed and certified by the Instituto Superior de Agronomia

High Quality and Purity

Obtained solely and exclusively by mechanical processes

The ideal olive oil for your restaurant

The Val Escudeiro olive oil, although providing an excellent solution for cooking, comprises several premium solutions for restaurant table service. The brand produces a high quality olive oil originated from Traditional Galega olives, that is sweet and mild, allowing an excellent complement for the flavours of fresh ingredients.


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Olive oil in Portugal

Olive oil was always present in the corners of Portuguese daily life: in the lamp of the poor and in the candelabrum of the rich, on the frugal table of the peasant and in the solemn temples of ancient cults.

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How to choose

Used since time immemorial as a culinary ingredient, olive oil has been “rediscovered”, having become one of the pillars of modern and healthy cuisine. Its consumption is not confined to the producing regions, and today spreads to countries as far away as Japan or Australia.

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World Olive Oil Production Estimates

The first provisional global figures for the 2019/20 olive oil harvest season have emerged in Spain, indicating that Spanish production will be slightly reduced, but improved figures are expected in other producing countries that faced serious problems in the previous year.

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